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Entrancement UK

Girls Gone Hypnotized! Have you ever wanted to take complete control over some chick and make her do all the things you’ve always wanted to see? Of course, you have; otherwise, you wouldn’t be here listening to me rambling about a site that’s all about girls getting hypnotized and fucked like crazy! This site is exactly what you think it is because what else could it be other than girls getting hypnotized before doing what their master tells them to do?

Even though Girls Gone Hypnotized is a site with a particular niche and fantastic videos, they should put in more work on the design because it sucks at the moment. Yes, they have plenty of videos that will keep you busy for a while, but you have to go through a lot of trouble until you find something you are interested in. There are a lot of ways to create a good site, but this is definitely not one of those ways!

A ton of videos, but they are all premium!

It sucks when you find out that everything you want to see costs money. I’m not against paying for monthly memberships in order to see some nice porn, but what the fuck is up with paying for every single video? It costs way too much money, and if you are in the mood to see a couple of videos in a day, you will have to spend a fortune to please yourself and your dirty needs. I’m pretty sure a lot of people think like this because no one likes spending unnecessary amounts of money on things that can be purchased for a lot less money in other places!

I would like to tell you how many hypno scenes there are, but I can’t. Now you must be wondering why the fuck can’t I do that, but the answer is pretty simple. They’ve done such a shitty job with the interface that you can’t even tell how many scenes there are. Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of scenes, or it seems like that, but I have no idea if that’s just a few hundred scenes or a couple of thousands. Nothing would make me manually count the scenes, so if you really want to know how often they upload new shit and how many scenes there are at the moment, go ahead and count them yourself!

You can see pretty much anything here. There are some videos where two girls get hypnotized and start cleaning the floor completely naked. That sounds boring to me, so I would stay away from scenes like those, but there are some much better scenes. For example, you will find plenty of videos where a girl gets hypnotized at the beginning of the video, and she starts doing everything the guy tells her to do, including sucking his dick and fucking him!

One of my favorite scenes featured this busty blonde teen. She was wearing a sexy green and white schoolgirl uniform at the beginning of the scene, but she got completely naked soon after she got hypnotized by the guy behind the camera. She started doing all kinds of things for him, including touching his dick, spreading her legs on the floor, and even grinding on him. There’s nothing that special about the things she did, but if you just take a look at her place, you will see that she looks like she was hypnotized. I know she wasn’t really under any spell, but she did an excellent job of appearing like she was!

The best videos are in 4K!

Once again, I can’t tell you how many videos are available in 4K because there’s just no way to sort these videos. Not only can’t you sort the videos by quality, but you also can’t do anything else. There’s just no way to narrow the list down to a smaller number of videos. You’ll find a bunch of videos in one place, and that’s it. I just don’t understand how they could make such a shitty site and still have the guts to ask for a shit ton of money for most of their videos.

The price of videos varies, but they are all too expensive for my taste. No sane person would want to pay $10 or more for just one video. Other sites charge twice as much for a monthly membership and give you access to a lot more than this place. I’m not sure how many people purchase these videos, but I’m guessing not that many. It would cost you way too much money to watch something new every day! If they don’t do something about it, they won’t attract many new members any time soon!

I’ve seen that there are some 4K videos, but not all the latest ones come in this resolution. If you open one of the videos, you will see that they usually come in multiple resolutions, but that brings up another question. You’ll see a purchase button below both types of videos, so I keep wondering if I would get access to the 4K videos if I clicked on the purchase button under the 1080p video. The more I keep checking, the more I get disappointed. If they only redesigned the site, it would be so much fucking better!

Videos can only be downloaded!

I kind of had a feeling that this site doesn’t offer a streaming option. To be honest, I hate it when I stumble upon a site like that because I don’t like to waste my time downloading something that I might not even like! If you open the video, you will see a couple of screenshots from multiple parts of the video, which should be enough for you to decide whether you should get the video or not. However, I would still prefer watching a short preview before purchasing something, and I think many people would agree with me!

You know what keeps bothering me? How can someone pay $25 for some short video that looks like shit? I saw some videos that were in 720p and cost the same amount of money as one-month membership on any other site. Not only was the video too expensive, but you also couldn’t know what the video was about. It had three shitty pictures that showed nothing! You would have to take a big risk purchasing that video because you could either get some fantastic video where girls get hypnotized and fuck for hours, but you could also get something that’s not even worth $1. You see where I’m going with this, and I’m pretty sure there are many more videos like this one!

Most videos have a thumbnail of a girl featured in the video, but there are some weird thumbnails as well. Imagine seeing a video that has a thumbnail picture that says something like “save 15%”. Why would I click on that video when there are so many other videos with gorgeous girls as thumbnails? Once again, they should have done a lot better job creating this site because the shit they made just doesn’t cut it!

Site with expensive videos of girls being hypnotized

Sure, you don’t get to see hypnotized girls doing all kinds of things every day, but that doesn’t mean you should spend a fortune on them! I don’t know how good a video needs to be in order to pay $10 or even more for it. Other sites would give me access to thousands of videos and photos for $20, so I don’t know why would someone decide to pay so much money for just one fucking video. Also, the price of most videos doesn’t change if the quality is in lower resolution. I’ve seen videos that were in 480p and still cost $15! I don’t know what you think about that, but if you ask me, that’s just unacceptable!

As soon as you open up the site, you will realize that they’ve done a shitty job on the design. There are no features that could help you find something specific, so you’ll have to keep scrolling like an idiot until you find something that seems interesting. The least they could have done was put a certain number of videos on one page and let people go through various pages, but no! They’ve put all videos on the home page and made it almost impossible to find what you want to watch!

Even though some newest videos come in 4K, I couldn’t tell how many videos were available in this resolution because no filter would show me only 4K videos, and I wasn’t going to count them manually! You have to open every video to see in what resolution it is available and how much it costs. Oh yeah, you can’t even watch these videos on the site; you have to download them!

Many hypno videos

4K videos

Shitty design

No features

Expensive videos

No streaming


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