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HotMovies Ballbusting (update aff)
HotMovies Ballbusting (update aff)

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HotMovies Ballbusting (update aff)

You have to be one sick fuck to be into ballbusting. I know I am one suck dude, at least one chick told me that, but I still can’t get over the fact that guys willingly let someone hit them in the balls. I know people get off on all kinds of weird things, but this is definitely one of the most hardcore things I’ve ever seen. I’m all up for jerking off your dick in a dirty old sock while watching some nasty videos, and that’s why I’m here today, to bring you a new fetish that will definitely rock your world.

Hotmovies.com has been around for 20 years exactly and offers a ton of HD content. Before talking about this weird fetish some of you guys have, let’s see what this place has to offer in general. The site has thousands of videos in total, and most of them are straight-up porn where two or more people have regular sex. That is quite enough to please most of your porn enthusiasts, including me, but if you are into something more extreme, you might want to focus on the ballbusting section in particular.

Getting pleasure from a lot of pain

What comes to your mind when you hear the words ball busting? If you ask me that same question, I would immediately think about a lot of pain. However, some people manage to find pleasure in seeing other guys get their balls crushed by angry chicks. I personally wouldn’t like to get my balls kicked, slapped, or anything else like that, but hey, that’s just me. I might be a freak, but there are always worse people out there who find pleasure only in the most extreme things.

Let’s break these scenes down into parts. I think everyone will agree that the sight of a sexy mistress in tight PVC clothes just makes your dick hard. I haven’t still run into a person who doesn’t love looking at a hot chick wearing skin-tight clothes. When it comes to femdom videos, my favorite part is the mistress who is willing to punish a guy who’s done some naughty things. To be honest, I frequently imagine myself in that position because I wouldn’t mind getting punished by some horny slut.

The second part of femdom videos is the punishment. This comes down to your preferences because some people are into some freaky shit that’s not for everyone. I get those people who love being tied up and spanked with a paddle. I am up for that action as well, but I wouldn’t push it too much. Some spanking fun didn’t do harm to anyone, but anything more than that is just extreme for me, and I think for a lot of other people.

I’m guessing you are into some freaky shit since you are here, reading about a ballbusting fetish. There’s no need to explain what this fetish is about because all you have to do is look at the name, and you will get the whole picture. When it comes to my balls, I wouldn’t like to see someone hit them with a knee, step on them with high heels or do something even worse. Hats off to those guys who can’t withstand this type of pain because I certainly wouldn’t be able to.

We are here today because of ballbusting, but there are a lot more things this place has to offer. If you choose this category, you will get 226 results at the moment. I would usually say that it’s not a big collection, but considering what we are talking about, that’s a shit ton of videos, actually. Imagine seeing 200+ videos where guys get their balls crushed by some angry girls. I still can’t get over the fact that 200 guys were willing to get their balls punished in front of the camera.

Variety of scenes

Even though all these scenes have one thing in common, which is ballbusting, there are different scenarios. One scene really hasn’t left my mind, and I don’t know whether it is because I am a sick fuck, or because it is so unique that it’s worth all my money. I’ve always had a thing for cops and a little bit of punishment. Well, one of the videos on HotMovies.com combined these two things and created a masterpiece that really blew my mind, so here it goes.

At the beginning of the scene, you can see that everything is happening in the school for cops. The teacher is a fake cop who wears a really tight and sexy uniform and is doing her best to teach a guy a thing or two. However, she lost her patience really fast, so she decided to punish him for not paying attention. She put on a big strap-on and started pegging him in the classroom while fondling his balls. Not only did she fuck his ass, but she also wanted to make him suffer, so she crushed his balls a few times.

As you can see, the scene I just mentioned starts like any other, but it takes a sharp turn and turns into hardcore bondage pretty fast. I said that I like some punishment videos, but once it got to ballbusting, I changed my mind a bit. I really wouldn’t want to get hit in the balls by any chick, no matter how much hot she is. I guess not every guy shares my opinion since they seem to enjoy getting this kind of treatment on a daily basis.

Outdated/simple design

It seems like they haven’t changed the site’s interface in a long time. It just looks like the design is from 20 years ago, and they should really consider adding some innovations. I mean, there’s no need for some advanced shit on a site like this because people come here to jerk off, not to do something essential to their lives. Still, it would be nice to get some newer designs because this just looks bad, at least to me.

Since there aren’t a shit ton of videos, you don’t really need some advanced search that much, but I wouldn’t mind having it. I don’t mind going through a couple of pages to find some weird ass video and jerk off, but I would appreciate it if I could just select a few tags and narrow the search down to just things I am interested in. As long as they keep adding hardcore videos like they’ve been doing so far, I won’t mind the lack of some search features.

You know how most sites have thumbnails for each video, and if you hold your mouse over them, you get a short preview. Well, that’s exactly what they did here, so it’s not as bad as it looks at first glance. I just hate the white background and the arrangement. Also, there’s a lack of search features, so you will have to manually go through pages to find something specific if you are a picky weirdo.

You’ll need an account to watch full scenes, but here’s the trick. 99% of porn sites I’ve visited before have a monthly membership that gives you access to everything on the site. Well, I’m here to shatter your dreams and tell you that it doesn’t work like that here. You are actually paying for minutes, and you use those minutes to purchase scenes. It’s not that expensive, but if you want to check out multiple scenes, it will be much more expensive than paying for a monthly subscription.

I would prefer paying a little bit more and getting access to everything instead of purchasing scenes individually. Luckily, I think they’ve added a new type of membership that actually works like on most other sites. You pay $30 per month and get to jack off your dick to tens of thousands of scenes on HotMovies.com.

You’ll get a big boner from watching these hardcore videos

If you really are into this hardcore shit and don’t mind getting your balls crushed and ass fucked, you will fall in love with the videos they have for you. Their collection might be a little smaller than you’d expect, but these 200ish videos will definitely make your dick hard and help you cum faster than ever. Even though all scenes are about crushing some balls, there’s a variety of scenes. You will have a chance to watch some cops, cheerleaders, angry girl bosses, and more.

The site has been around for a lot of years, and it seems like they haven’t updated their interface much from the beginning. I’m not a weirdo who will shit on shit because of its looks, but it’s 2022, and something advanced is expected from all porn sites. However, I am willing to look the other way if they offer some of the nastiest porn I’ve seen.

Brutal collection of ballbusting videos

Paying for scenes individually

Outdated interface


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