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Suburban Sensations
Suburban Sensations

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Suburban Sensations

When I think of the suburbs, soccer moms and Sunday morning service comes to mind. You might be surprised to find out the suburbs are not as conservative as they seem, and Suburban Sensations will let you in on some of the fetish action that goes in them.

If you harbour fantasies of getting your balls tortured by the pretty girl that works at the local bar in your sleepy town, then you would love the content on Suburban Sensations. It is a femdom site stacked with videos of guys getting dominated by sexy suburban women who inflict pain on their balls with their feet, paddles, and whips.

Website Content

A name like Suburban Sensations does exactly conjure thoughts of ball torture. When I first came across the site, I thought it was a regular porn site centred on vanilla suburban sexual adventures. I was way off. Suburban Sensations is all about suckers getting their nuts crushed by pretty suburban girls. 

The men on Suburban Sensations are at the mercy of stern dominatrixes who torture their cocks and balls according to their whim. These domes kick and slap their subs' balls until they are red. 

The first clip I watched was 20 minutes long and featured a sucker having his balls tortured for the duration of the video by a sexy redhead in a skin-tight latex gown. The dude was tied up to a board, so he was totally at the mercy of his domme. The bitch slapped, kicked and bit his balls non-stop. When she had enough of slapping his balls, she jerked him and helped him cum. 

Another clip I viewed was 11 minutes long and featured a slender beauty stepping all over and relentlessly kicking a skinny guy’s balls. By the look of agony and pleasure on the sucker's face, her kicks must hurt really bad. 

The girls on Suburban Sensations seem more intent on busting the balls of the suckers at their mercy than making themselves orgasm. They are out to explore every form of cock torture their wicked minds can think of. You will see balls getting beaten, dicks getting paddled, and boners getting bitten. 

If you have a ballbusting fetish, there aren't a lot of places better suited to satisfy your kinky needs than Suburban Sensations. It is filled with videos and pictures that will make you shoot gobs of jizz.

Website Design

Suburban Sensations has an outdated design. It seems like there have been no changes to the site’s look since it came online. The design isn't horrendous; it is, however, archaic and boring. 

The site's layout is neat and organised, so getting around is easy. Also, it has a dark theme, so surfing through its selection of CBT content at night is pleasant as your device's screen won't shine brightly into your face.  

The videos all have lengthy descriptions that detail the action they contain. The descriptions are well-written and interesting to read. 

Suburban Sensations is a premium site, so you have to bring out your credit cards to enjoy all the ballbusting fun it houses. It has different subscription plans which you can choose according to which is most convenient for you. 

Suburban Sensations has a three days trial plan which costs $14.95. Monthly access to the site is billed $34.95, which is non-recurring. Instead, you can opt for its monthly recurring plan, which is billed at $34.95 in the first month but is reduced to $29.95 in subsequent months. 

If you want longer access to Suburban Sensations' collection of ball-busting entertainment, then you can opt for either its 60 or 90 days membership plan. The plans are billed at $64.95 and $99.95, respectively. 

You can instead buy Suburban Sensation Clips individually on Clips4Sale if you don't want to pay for your smut monthly. The videos are priced according to their length. A 5-minute clip costs $5.99, while a 12-minute clip will go for $12.99. 

Suburban Sensations has a couple of sample clips for intending members. You can check out the sample videos to get a taste of the content the site offers and decide if it is for you. 

Mobile/Desktop Experience

Accessing Suburban Sensations via a desktop device is hassle-free. The site loads fast, the desktop layout is neat, and navigating is simple as the navigation options are intuitive. 

Suburban Sensations looks exactly the same on a mobile device which isn’t great. The layout is not optimised for mobile viewing, so you must zoom in to see texts and video posters clearly. It is disappointing that Suburban Sensations is not optimised for mobile viewing.

Overall, you can access Suburban Sensations selection whether you access it from a desktop or mobile device. However, I would stick with accessing it from a PC, as constantly zooming in to view the site on a mobile device is tiring. 


What I like about Suburban Sensations

Suburban Sensations is teeming with videos of chicks intent on ballbusting the balls of poor suckers. Balls are stretched, high heels squash boners and limp dicks are squeezed. 

Suburban Sensations is the place to visit when you want to watch hardcore ball-busting action. If I were into ballbusting, I would be drooling surfing through its selection of ball-crushing videos. 

The quality of Suburban Sensations videos is decent. Recent Videos are in 1080p, and 720p resolution and older videos are in 480p. Also, the videos are in Windows Media Player format. Suburban Sensations has been around for a while, so a good chunk of its collection is shot in 480p.  

You won’t be tugging your meats to ugly chicks on Suburban Sensations. The girls on Suburban Sensations aren’t stunningly beautiful, but they are pretty enough to get you stroking your cock until you shoot your load all over your computer screen. I have to backtrack a bit, not all of the girls on the site are stunningly beautiful, but a couple of them are.

Suburban Sensations has a model section where all of the girls it has featured are listed. Interesting bios on the model are provided along with links to clips and photo galleries they are featured in.

What I hate about Suburban Sensations

Suburban Sensations is a place wankers with ballbusting fetishes would relish. It, however, has a couple of downsides it can improve on to make it an even better source for ballbusting entertainment. 

First off, the site has an outdated and bland design; it looks like it belongs to a different age. It does not have a ton of features and sorting options to make browsing seamless. Also, most videos are unavailable for streaming as you have to download them to view them, which is annoying. 

Streaming allows one to watch videos on the go without the constraints of having them on your local device. Downloading videos is also great as you store them on your local device and view them whenever you want. I prefer to have both options. 

Suburban Sensation needs a complete overhaul to make it modern and sleek. Advanced features, filtering options, and an option to stream videos would make surfing a lot more seamless. 

Also, new video uploads on Suburban Sensations have slowed down, as there have been no new uploads in a while. So, you are resigned with satisfying your ball-crushing needs with previously uploaded. 


Suburban Sensation is a site created for lovers of ballbusting. If you get turned on watching cocks get tortured by pretty girls, then you will have a swell time there. It is a hub for pervs who get thrilled seeing guys dominated by women who love to assert their dominance by stomping on balls.

The girls on Suburban Sensations are mean and love to crush balls. They relish seeing dudes fall on their knees due to the ball-crushing pain they inflict on them. If you want to watch balls crushed, head over to Suburban Sensations. Although it has an outdated design, surfing and finding clips you fancy is simple as it has a simple layout.

Loads of amateur ballbusting porn

It is simple to navigate

Lots of high-definition videos

Outdated design

Most of the videos can only be downloaded; they can't be streamed

There has been no new upload in a long while

It is not optimised for mobile devices


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